About Top Dog Grooming

At our new grooming facilities in Limerick City and County we have installed purpose built baths / showers and grooming tables which can be lowered and raised with ease, thereby ensuring that most breeds of dog no matter what size or age can be bathed, groomed and handled with safety and care.

We will ask you a short series of questions in order to get to know you and your pet, and to ascertain any special grooming requirements you may have. Each time you visit we will bath your dog with an appropriate shampoo depending on the condition of the coat and skin and then groom his/her coat. This process removes parasites, dirt and debris and aids appearance and circulation. It also promotes new coat growth and oils, and reduces unpleasant dog odour in the house. The risk of skin complaints and the associated licking and scratching which is annoying both to you the owner and your pet can also be reduced.

Depending on the breed of your dog, it’s lifestyle (and yours!) and various other factors, the coat can be clipped, or trimmed using scissors and clippers to shorten and style it, and suitable breeds may be hand stripped. All our services include ear hair removal/cleaning, and nail trimming.

As part of our routine, we will carry out a visual health check on your pet and report our findings to you.In consultation with you, it may be necessary (although this occurs infrequently) to refer your pet to a vet who will follow up on the report.

You will be encouraged to visit us on a regular basis so that your pet’s coat can be kept clean, free from parasites, trimmed and tangle free, and frequent health checks will ensure your pet remains happy and healthy. Your pet will feel comfortable, happy, and well groomed and will reward you with love and affection, helping to build that special bond between you and your pet.

Visit us soon and make your dog look and feel like a Top Dog!

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